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Where is the SKOS data you want to process ?
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(Supported extensions : .rdf, .ttl, .n3, .trig, .zip, .tar.gz. Other extensions will be interpreted as RDF/XML)
(URL of a valid SKOS file or SPARQL endpoint. For files, same file extensions are supported, and also *.html and *.xhtml to extract RDFa. For SPARQL endpoints, service must be compatible with SPARQL 1.1, especially regarding property paths and VALUES.)
(Only for uploaded data, or data retrieved from a URL.) Activate this option so that SKOS Play recognizes subclasses and subproperties of the SKOS model. The uploaded file must contain explicit rdfs:subClassOf or rdfs:subPropertyOf assertions for this to work. Look at this file for an example.
If the data contains skosxl:prefLabel, skosxl:altLabel or skosxl:hiddenLabel, use this option to have SKOS Play understand them. Uncheck it to speed up data loading time.
Use this option if you are uploading an OWL ontology, and you want it to be converted to SKOS to be processed by SKOS Play. If you don't know what an OWL ontology is, ignore this option.