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Where is the Excel file you want to convert ?
Download example : Example 1 (simple exemple, in english)
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(Supported extensions : .xls or .xlsx - OpenOffice is not supported !)
A link to an excel file available online. You can convert a public Google Sheet :
  1. Share the Sheet with everyone ("Everyone with the link" in Sharing options.) It is not possible to convert private Google Sheets.
  2. Build the Excel download URL of the sheet, which is{ID of your spreadhseet}/export?format=xlsx
  3. Pass this URL to the converter in the above field.
For example: (from this spreadsheet)
What is the default language of the labels (optional) ?

03/05/2022 : The converter is now available as an API !

 This development was partly founded by the government of Luxembourg (Ministère d'Etat - Service central de lĂ©gislation)
 General Documentation

/!\ The documentation has moved to the xls2rdf online API service.